The 3 Quietest Window Air Conditioners

Is your air conditioner too loud? Window air conditioners are mainly designed with noise-related components; the compressor and the fan. These components are located inside the package unit making it difficult to avoid any degree of noise. With this mighty digital era, sometimes, finding a window AC that brings a quiet environment can be challenging to most of us. Suffice it to say that some ACs units have little-noisy compressors than others. In this post, we have top 3 units we have found that makes the least amount of noise in your home.

Haier ESAQ406T Serenity Series

This is one of the quietest AC models you can have in your house. It comes with 6,000 BTU units with unique internal mechanisms that provide effective cooling. It can cool up to 250 Sq. ft. area. Compared to other AC machines in the market, Haier ESAQ406T cools well, has great features and is quieter than most window units. Installation is easy enough, though the unit is quite heavy. Its price is also higher than its counterpart units with the same features which may not favor some AC users.

Key Features

  • Powerful functions including energy saver setting, auto cooling, cross-flow fan and Dehumidify mode
  • Full function remote control with LED display including light and button lock.
  • ’24-hour on/off timer’ which enables you to run the unit on your schedule.


  • High BTU rating
  • Ductless suction
  • Heat pump included adds functionality
  • More effective in cooling


  • Complex installation
  • More expensive compared to other units of similar features Not easily portable

Friedrich EP 18G33B Chill Series

Friedrich EP 18G33B is also among the quietest 1800 BTUs window air conditioners which regulate up to a 1000 square feet room. The unit is featured with lots of energy-saving options which deliver a complete cooling experience in your room with fewer energy bills.

Key Features

  • Ultra-quiet Operation feature which helps the AC to cut operation noise to a minimum level possible.
  • Power Cord Flexibility
  • Continuous Auto Air Sweep Louvers: this helps to automatically oscillate louvers left and right during cooling.



  • Expensive
  • Low BTU rating
  • Weak dehumidifier

Frigidaire FFRE0833u1

Quick cooling and installation make this unit model one of top quietest window AC unit. The unit comes with 220 Volts which makes the compressor to run more efficiently. The model also comes with an easy-to-use instruction manual which provides clear instruction guide to any user.

Key Features

  • 8,000 BTU mini-compact AC
  • Strong Dehumidification
  • The cooling capacity of a large surface area


  • Cost-effective: – It comes at a fair price considering its excellent cooling capacityCools a large are: – AC is capable of quickly cooling down a large room (350 Sq. ft.)


  • Large: – This Unit is large, so you might find it quite tricky to install it alone. Also, it may not fit in typical window size.


Window air conditioner brings a good experience in your life. The best window air conditioner unit is, therefore, the one that cools down your room without being loud. Most air conditioner requires you to increase your TV volume to hear over the sound produced, but with this list of our top 3 ACs, you absolutely won’t need to go through that horrific experience. For those who are looking to fill the gap in their home cooling system, these ACs are capable of cooling down your room in a silent manner.