How to Relax in Style When Taking a Bath

When taking a bath, this is not only a time where you can cleanse yourself, but also an opportunity where you can lay back, put your mind at ease, enjoy the moment, relax, or “relax in style.” Let’s take a look a some of the different ways one can relax, and relax in style. while taking a bath.

Warm to Hot water

Water temperature plays an important part, in relaxation, while taking a bath – Think of a sauna, but with warm-to-hot water, all around you. First, let’s talk about how relaxing a sauna is, as the heat from the steams hits your skin, and just melts into your pores, as it refreshes your body.

How good does that feel? How relaxed are you, as you step out of that sauna? Now add warm to hot water to the mix, and the experience is heightened tenfold.


There are many fun things you can put into your bath water, to help aid in your relaxation, from Epson salt, which assists in relieving joint, and muscle pain, while you soak in your, warm-to-hot bathtub, to adding essential oils in, and enjoying aromatherapy. O

nce added to, to the warm-to-hot, bath water, the essential oils break down, and in doing so, act as a stress reliever, and muscle relaxer. This is a very popular treatment for those who love to use baths to ease their body’s and relax in style.


Books can be a lot of fun to read, and a great way to ease the mind. Reading a book, while taking a warm-to-hot, bath, can give a lot of added power to your relaxation experience. Pick the right book, and you will not only relax and ease your body but your mind as well. Add essential oils to the mix, and relaxation is tripled – And you’re now on the road to “relaxing in style.”


Ipads are a ton of fun, for communicating with friends and family, playing all types of fun games, as well as taking care of important business. If you’re a very busy person, then a place you may feel most comfortable while handling your business, “is on an Ipad,” while you’re laid back, in a warm-to-hot, bathtub, as the heat from the water relaxes your muscles.

Or maybe you simply want to just scroll through your Ipad, and play some games, and there could not be a better time, then when you’re relaxed, at ease, in soothing, in a relaxing bath.


Bubbles are a bath favorite, for not only children but adults as well. The soaping foam is not only relaxing, but it’s also soothing. This is one thing that’s added to baths, that people of all ages can enjoy.


Having a drink while taking a bath, is definitely an added bonus. Whether you are going with a little wine, or simply a hot herbal tea – This is a way of not only soothing your physical senses but also satisfying your taste buds as well. This is two steps away from the ultimate, “relaxing in style” bath time.


Surrounding your bathroom with lit candles, while sitting in a, warm-to-hot, bathtub, filled with essential oils, while reading a book, is EXTREMELY calming, and one step away from the ultimate, “relaxing in style” bath time. Their slow-burning flames add a very gratifying tone, to the atmosphere.


Now, if you want the “ultimate way” of “relaxing in style,” while you are taking a bath, then after you have your “warm-to-hot water,” your essential oils, lit candles all around your tub, your favorite book or Ipad in one hand, while sipping on a soothing drink in the other – It’s time to add some sensual music.

Everyone has their own, go to, favorite tunes, they like to use when they want to relax and ease their minds, but one universal favorite, “is sounds of the sea.” There is just something about the sound of waves crashing, and a whale’s pulsed calls – That truly eases the mind and relaxes the soul. “And this” is what I call relaxing in style.

You should definitely get a bath tray to use for all those things.


The 3 Quietest Window Air Conditioners

Is your air conditioner too loud? Window air conditioners are mainly designed with noise-related components; the compressor and the fan. These components are located inside the package unit making it difficult to avoid any degree of noise. With this mighty digital era, sometimes, finding a window AC that brings a quiet environment can be challenging to most of us. Suffice it to say that some ACs units have little-noisy compressors than others. In this post, we have top 3 units we have found that makes the least amount of noise in your home.

Haier ESAQ406T Serenity Series

This is one of the quietest AC models you can have in your house. It comes with 6,000 BTU units with unique internal mechanisms that provide effective cooling. It can cool up to 250 Sq. ft. area. Compared to other AC machines in the market, Haier ESAQ406T cools well, has great features and is quieter than most window units. Installation is easy enough, though the unit is quite heavy. Its price is also higher than its counterpart units with the same features which may not favor some AC users.

Key Features

  • Powerful functions including energy saver setting, auto cooling, cross-flow fan and Dehumidify mode
  • Full function remote control with LED display including light and button lock.
  • ’24-hour on/off timer’ which enables you to run the unit on your schedule.


  • High BTU rating
  • Ductless suction
  • Heat pump included adds functionality
  • More effective in cooling


  • Complex installation
  • More expensive compared to other units of similar features Not easily portable

Friedrich EP 18G33B Chill Series

Friedrich EP 18G33B is also among the quietest 1800 BTUs window air conditioners which regulate up to a 1000 square feet room. The unit is featured with lots of energy-saving options which deliver a complete cooling experience in your room with fewer energy bills.

Key Features

  • Ultra-quiet Operation feature which helps the AC to cut operation noise to a minimum level possible.
  • Power Cord Flexibility
  • Continuous Auto Air Sweep Louvers: this helps to automatically oscillate louvers left and right during cooling.



  • Expensive
  • Low BTU rating
  • Weak dehumidifier

Frigidaire FFRE0833u1

Quick cooling and installation make this unit model one of top quietest window AC unit. The unit comes with 220 Volts which makes the compressor to run more efficiently. The model also comes with an easy-to-use instruction manual which provides clear instruction guide to any user.

Key Features

  • 8,000 BTU mini-compact AC
  • Strong Dehumidification
  • The cooling capacity of a large surface area


  • Cost-effective: – It comes at a fair price considering its excellent cooling capacityCools a large are: – AC is capable of quickly cooling down a large room (350 Sq. ft.)


  • Large: – This Unit is large, so you might find it quite tricky to install it alone. Also, it may not fit in typical window size.


Window air conditioner brings a good experience in your life. The best window air conditioner unit is, therefore, the one that cools down your room without being loud. Most air conditioner requires you to increase your TV volume to hear over the sound produced, but with this list of our top 3 ACs, you absolutely won’t need to go through that horrific experience. For those who are looking to fill the gap in their home cooling system, these ACs are capable of cooling down your room in a silent manner.


5 best family dog breeds

Many families in the world prefer to get a family dog at least every year. Many will do proper research so that they can be able to pick an appropriate breed suitable for whole the family. This is based on the breed temperament reactions and how old are the children in the family. However, there are those other families who make uninformed choices and end up giving away, re-homing, or even end up abandoning their pets. It is therefore advisable for both family members to sit down and agree on a specific breed after doing a thorough search.

Some of the best breeds to consider include.

The Golden Retriever

It is an all-time preferred for the “most common breeds” types. This breed of dog is outstanding for families who do take vacations and enjoy lots of time being active in doing outdoor activities. Initially, the breed was developed to recover birds on hunting missions, but after some time it proved its value as a true family friend. However, one problem of the breed is that it contains a lot of furs. Thus the dog will require daily brushing and┬áregular washing and might shed a lot. However, they are very beautiful when maintained.

West Highland Terrier

Popularly known as the Westie, this is a small white terrier breed that likes to play a lot, and it is loveable. This breed needs some exercises and training to keep him happy just like all terriers. It is a good watch dog and a devoted friend to the master. The breed is great and ideal for older children. However, they have been known not to entertain accidental maltreatment from younger kids. They are not therefore generally recommended for families with children who are underage. It has a lot of furs just like the golden retriever breed. It therefore too needs some brushing to keep his coat mat clean always.

Cairn Terrier

It has a similar trait to that of the West Terrier. These breeds are tough little dogs. The breed is very affectionate of people and is easily adapted to any environment provided people surround it. This type of breed needs exercises to keep it happy just like the Westie. The Cairn Terrier comes in different colors including red, grey, wheaten, sandy, cream or a pure combination of all colors.

Irish Setter

Just like the Golden retriever, the Irish Setter was originally bred to assist in hunting birds. They can be very excitable since they are bird dogs, They have a very beautiful red coat which makes them prevalent and loved by most families. This breed is always eager to please people around
it. However, its beautiful red coat that makes the breed to be so popular needs regular trimming and brushing or else it will look not as much of its best.

The Schnauzer

Schnauzers breeds are full of behavior and love people so much especially children. They are available in three different sizes. For a family with young children, the largest Schnauzer size might not be appropriate as the dog is quite large. However, the other two smaller sized breeds are the best for families. The Schnauzer breed is a perfect family pet since it is always eager to please and will do anything possible to keep the family safe. This breed does require daily exercise just like all other breeds. Also, they need to be well groomed, and if not handled well, their coat easily gets

It should be well understood that not all breeds will get along with young kids. Every dog breed has its characteristics despite everyone wanting their dog to be perfect all around for people of all ages. Some are very social and friendly with grownups but may not apply the same to young kids in the family.